We believe Music Education should be Accessible to All Communities and not a limited few.

What We Do

We Host Music Competitions in order to bring Music Education to developing countries while Cultivating Leaders, Teachers and More Opportunity.

Why We Do It

We Believe learning and performing Classical Music serves as a vehicle for youth and their communities in order to feel a sense of Purpose, Belonging and Accomplishment.

Our Vision

For Music Education to be the source of Empowering Communities' forward thinking Mindsets and Influencing Positive Cultural Transformation in developing countries.


Lino Music Society is a nonprofit providing a System and Program of learning how to play Classical Music for specific instruments via Online Video Courses, Tutorials, Resources and eventually in person lessons.
Music Competitions will be held to give the Opportunity to anyone who learns the chosen performance pieces and competes for a Grand Cash Prize in the country of focus.

As our Competition winners progress through the levels of music and playing, there will be Job Opportunities of becoming one of our Music Society Teachers in order to spread Music Education and teach In Person lessons to the countries' underprivileged youth.


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