Where Exclusivity of Quality Music Education is no longer a thing.

Be the Reason why our Youth gets the Opportunity to Gain the Benefits of learning Music over their Current belief that their Circumstances define Who they are.

Your donation makes Music Education readily available to new corners of the globe.

It’s our priority that every dollar is used with the utmost transparency when it comes to expediting our mission. Every penny and work hour that’s accounted for goes towards making a difference in the countless underprivileged kids’ lives and their communities.

Lino Music Society is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Tax ID: 84-3170812

Donations are tax deductible.

Know Your Impact



Where an exciting musical environment brings a kind of unpolluted fun into poverty stricken communities! It's our youth who reap these benefits most; our children are no longer finding their own entertainment in dangerous places or on harsh streets - they have us now so parents rest easy knowing there is someone looking after their child and equipping them with valuable skills to build better futures... And grandpa; he gets to spend more time seeing his grandson play guitar as well which makes him happy too (I'm sure grandma would agree). Plus donors get what seems like 100% better use out of their giving because we're really helping our youth thrive through the joy of opportunity and life building skills these communities now have access to through music.


In developing countries, Music Education is considered a Luxury and not an option.

Schools are funded to prepare youth to enter the 'Labor Market' and many times there's a lack of fulfillment and self-discovery. Studying Music Exceeds the boundaries of Standard Education and builds upon Transferable Skills:

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaboration
  • Social Skills
  • Better Test Scores (especially in Math & Language), Self Discipline, Creativity, Self Expression, Lower Substance Abuse, Building a Sense of Identity, School Attendance, Lowering pressures of Study, Family and Social Life.

There's a 10X Retention of Information through experiences, stories and emotion.

The experience of Learning Music not only encompasses each of these retention processes, but over time, feeds into confidence, accomplishment and a sense of belonging.


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