We're thrilled 208 talented Classical Guitarists, Pianists, and Violinists from across the country registered to participate. After rigorous selection, 78 finalists were chosen to showcase their skills in front of 3 esteemed International Elite judges. Winners infused their futures with over $4,800 in cash prizes and awards.

Winners also enjoyed the incredible honor of performing in a special concert at the historic National Theater in El Salvador's capital, in September of this year. 

We value the growth and development of our finalists, which is why they received exclusive access to our online music academy with master classes taught by renowned International Elite Music Professors.

Join us in celebrating the talent, passion, and dedication of these extraordinary musicians that experienced the magic of opportunity through Lino Music Society.


Sheng-Ching Hsu

Sheng-Ching Hsu, a native of Taiwan has been captivating audiences globally since the age of 6. She debuted as a violinist and pianist at National Cheng-Kung University at age six. Sheng-Ching's mesmerizing performances have graced renowned venues like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Teatro Municipal de Santiago. A member of Delirium Musicum and California Symphony, she’s served as a principal violinist as well as several other esteemed orchestras.  Sheng-Ching, with a servant's heart, shared the power of music during the pandemic, gaining recognition on KTTV Fox 11 Los Angeles. Teaching at Bob Cole Conservatory and Colburn Community School, Sheng-Ching's impact extends beyond performance. She holds a Masters from Juilliard, and Doctor of Musical Arts from SUNY Stony Brook. Mentored by renowned teachers, she is grateful to the CHIMEI foundation for sponsoring her instruments through her years of study while embodying musical brilliance, philanthropy, and dedication. www.shengchinghsu.com  

Nirit Ziv-Wexler

After obtaining her master's degree from the prestigious Yale School of Music and a bachelor's degree from the esteemed Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music, Nirit Ziv-Wexler stepped into the international performance music scene. With a diverse range of musical skill, she's captivated audiences both in the US and Israel. She’s also spent time performing in master classes for the greats like John Williams, David Russell, Sharon Isbin, Oscar Guiglia, and Eliot Fisk. As a composer, arranger, and guitarist, Nirit has joined forces with esteemed musicians from the classical, jazz, and world music genres, showcasing her versatility and innovative spirit. Her passion for classical guitar led her to release an album inspired by the enchanting melodies of North Eastern Spain. Nirit has made an impact in the educational realm, publishing a series of guitar books tailored specifically for young musicians who are at the beginning of their musical learning journeys. Her extraordinary talent and dedication to the classical guitar community continues to inspire the next generation of musicians. 

Ana Camila Acebedo

Ana Camila Acebedo, hailing from Catamarca, Argentina, embarked on her piano journey at 8. Graduating from the Tecnicatura in music at 18, she honed her skills under the tutelage of Gustavo Zaka. Guided by renowned pianists like Pablo Galdo, Laura Ahumada, Liza Chung, Monica Zubczuk, Hilda Herrera, and Pablo Ziegler, she studied both classical and popular genres. As a member and soloist of the Alberto Ginastera Orchestra, she premiered piano concertos by Ukrainian composer Alexader Peskanov. Her performances span Catamarca, Córdoba, and Buenos Aires, traversing academic and popular repertoire. Scholarships and awards followed, including first place in the local Piano Competition "Música en la Luna." In 2021, she earned a Professorship in the refinement of excellence in piano from the National University of Córdoba. Professor Acebedo excels as an educator, pianist; now conducting hyper focused research in the realm of classical music improvisation.  

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