Our Why.

Making sure Music Education is always an option. Especially for those who've never dreamt it could be.

A Life Raft, Disguised as an Enchanting Melody.

In 1998, founder, Roger Lino, of Lino Music Society, was a young ambitious Salvadorian teenager who made the desperate decision to risk his life in order to study music in the United States. 

From one day to another, he committed to undertaking the life threatening journey to the US. 

A couple months prior, in a Salvadorian college, he was given 5 vocations to choose to study:

Becoming an Accountant, Electrician, Mechanic, Nurse or just taking general education classes. None were even close to studying music. 

There is a quote that says:

'The Cost of not following your heart, is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.'

It's the very reason why the risk of seeking Music Education overpowered possibly loosing his life, being away from family, friends and the lonely road of leaving everything he ever knew and loved behind.

Over 20 years has passed and he's been blessed to have studied music in college, was mentored by a Grammy Award winner, taught by Julliard Scholars and studied piano, composition, as well as having traveled all over the US performing with bands. 

He never imagined ending up where he is today. He met his, now wife, Kimberly, back in one of his college music classes and found out that she too dreamt of touching lives through music. Together they have owned a local Music Education business for the past several years serving the youth and community. Both are fully invested in expanding the Positive Impact Internationally, through Lino Music Society.

It humbles him that it's been a full circle dream now that Lino Music Society gives opportunity of Music Education back to the beloved people of his country of origin. 

We All Deserve the Opportunity. 

Our Team and Organization will do everything in our hands to feed the benefits of Classical Music to communities much like the one he grew up in.

We host Music Competitions in order to bring Music Education to Developing Countries while cultivating Leaders, Teachers and More Opportunity.


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