Join our Community of Elite Mentors.

Your Renowned Skills = Opportunity for Lost Communities

✔ One time 20-30 Minute video of you sharing your skill.

✔ Film at your convenience. (With No Guess Work - We provide the format of 4 simple questions)

✔ Record in the Comfort of your own home or office. (We'll take care of the editing!)

You and your Admirable Skill.

Whether your a highly accomplished:

✔ Musician

✔ Business Person

✔ Entrepreneur

✔ Coach

Your specific expertise can engineer hope & skill in the life of the youth in a developing country.


There are 2 Kinds of mentors:

Elite Music Mentor

Professional Musicians whos main instrument is either Classical Piano, Guitar or Violin. Click here for a list of short pieces. You'll choose 1 to breakdown for our finalists.

Elite High Performance Mentor

Depending on your profession and primary skill we provide a simple & short 4-5 point guide on what to cover in your video lesson.

Education is at the CORE of Change.

This portion of our forgotten youth need love, hope and education. Not pity.

Let's FUEL the future together!


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